National Carrier Level Congestion

1:30pm 23/03/2020

The shift in working practices from home in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created an unprecedented increase in telecommunications traffic which is affecting every telecommunications carrier nationwide in causing congestion. All five tier 1 carriers within Australia have been materially affected by inter-carrier congestion as a result.
The effect of congestion has been the intermittent failure of inbound calls to connect to the respective destination numbers during peak periods.
The carriers have been, and are continuing to work on with the highest priority, re-routing traffic from congested interconnection points to other interconnect points, to free up capacity, as well as building up additional capacity.

Possible Solution:

In the Customer Portal we suggest you add your mobile phone or our Voice2Email feature as a second overflow (for say 15 seconds) until the congestion is resolved. However, we strongly urge you to maintain an overflow on a permanent basis to ensure you receive calls when the destination landline (or VoIP line) is faulty/congested.

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